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Weblog of Kaoru Watanabe, NY based Flute/Fue player

Last performance of the year!

kaoru watanabe

This is the first time I'm posting directly to my new website- I'm still figuring out how to add pictures and move things around with catastrophically altering the original layout.  Thanks for visiting this page and please continue to do so.  Please contact me and I will try my best to respond.  I also promise to try to keep things up to date and post often.

SO, I have a few pieces of news that I'm very excited about.

1) The upcoming show at Shapeshifter featuring Satoshi Takeishi, Shoko Nagai and Jonathan Goldberger and members of Ne-O

2) I have been asked to be one of the faculty of the Global Musican Workshop (GMW) next summer at Depaul University. GMW is presented by Silk Road Project and among the faculty will be Yo Yo Ma himself.  Very excited to be a part of this.  Info here.  

3) kaDON, an online Taiko and Fue video resource that I'm honored to be a part of is offering a year-end shimedaiko give away. Please go here for more info.