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Yuu Ishizuka's workshop


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Yuu Ishizuka's workshop

  • KWTC 950 St Johns Pl, Brooklyn, NY, 11213 United States (map)

Both within the artistic genre and the instruments called Wadaiko are the aspects of "kata - form" and "ongaku - music".  While taiko are relatively simple instruments which anyone can beat to produce the sound, 'Don'; for an inquiring mind probing into the attractiveness of the art, there exists more than can be satiated within a lifetime. Starting from the basics and then also adding elements of his own playing theory, in this workshop, Yuu will teach the Tokyo-area's traditional Naname (slanted) technique in terms of an "Evolutionary Style of Hitting Methods".

Taiko Drum Professional, Taiko Solo Artist  Born in 1979, Yuu Ishizuka is one of the top taiko drum soloists based in Tokyo. From childhood, Yuu learned Nagauta (Japanese long song) music from his father Saburo Mochizuki and the late national living treasure, Bokusei Mochizuki IV, the head of the Mochizuki school of hogaku hayashi (Japanese classical drumming). Yuu learned the Sukeroku style of taiko drumming as a member of "Hatoyama Koin-no-Kai." At age 18, he became a professional performer and instructor of Oedo Sukeroku, one of the top professional taiko groups in Tokyo. Expanding upon his foundation in ensemble drumming, he formed "Shake CHA-z" featuring the bamboo flute, shamisen (3 stringed lute), and taiko. In 2004, the band released their first album "-ikazuchi-".  He also formed "" featuring Taiko synchronized with a music sequencer. Yuu became an independent solo Taiko artist in 2009 and performs with artists of various genre. He is highly sought after for his unique original and dynamic style of taiko drumming. As a composer, he has written many compositions to much critical acclaim. 

Fee: $40 per person