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Adam Rudolph Residency at The Stone


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Adam Rudolph Residency at The Stone

  • The Stone the corner of Avenue C and 2nd Street New York, NY 10009 USA (map)


Composer, Improviser, Conductor, & Percussionist - Adam Rudolph 
Curates a One-Week Residency at
The Stone, New York City 
May 24-29th, 2016

The Stone
at the corner of Avenue C and 2nd St. New York, NY 10009
$20/set (no advance sales)
(212) 473-0043

Wednesday, May 25th
8:00 pm
Electro-Acoustic Trio:
Adam Rudolph - electronic processing, handrumset (kongos, djembe, tarija, zabumba), thumb pianos, sintir, multiphonic vocal, percussion
Graham Haynes - cornet, flugelhorn, percussion, electronics
Aruan Ortiz - piano, electronics, lap top 

10:00 pm   Go: Organic Woodwind Orchestra
Sylvain Leroux (tambin fulani flute, c flute, bamboo flutes) Michel Gentile, Kaoru Watanabe (noh kan, fue, c flute) Batya Sobel (oboe) Sara Schoenbeck (bassoon, sona) JD Parran (contra alto clarinet, bamboo flute, kalimbas) Ned Rothenberg (b flat and bass clarinet, shakuhachi) Ivan Barenboim (b flat clarinet, bamboo flutes) Sean Sonderegger (contra bass clarinet, bass clarinet)
Composed and improvisationally conducted by Adam Rudolph.